is a smart debt collection solution. It is a remote method of limiting the owner’s ability to use equipment if they fail to pay the installment or loan on time.

The solution has been designed for financial institutions providing consumer loans and companies selling smartphones.
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SCaaS (Smart Collection as a Service)
Where Do You Lose Customers?
Smartphone loans are a high-risk segment. Financial institutions approve only 20 to 25% of such applications.

Out of five people who were ready to buy a smartphone, four would buy it but sometime later. And maybe not from your store.

Marketing and advertising money was wasted to no purpose. And all just because of the distrust of banking companies!

Can you influence it? Now, you can!

Why do Lenders Reject Loans?
When deciding whether to provide a loan, banks take many factors into account. A potential customer may indeed be unable to pay. Well, our desires do not always match our spending capacity. But it is not uncommon for a borrower not to meet formal criteria only while being able to pay the loan easily

Here are the main reasons why a solvent borrower gets rejected.

Low official income. The buyer’s employer evades taxes, but it’s your sales that suffer!

Poor credit score. Imagine a customer trying to get a loan from several banks at once. Their application has been rejected by three of them, and the fourth one denies the loan just in case, basing the decision on the previous rejections of the other banks.

Self-employed status. These are people who are self-employed without registering a legal entity but officially pay taxes. Banks trust them less than those who work for a company although the earnings of a self-employed person can be quite high.

Many small loans unsettled. Banks are concerned about this fact, and not about the fact that all payments are made on time.
Win-Win Strategy
By denying your customers the right to buy a smartphone, banks themselves lose profits. Consumer loans are one of the most profitable banking services, the interest is quite high for the customer.

You can convince a bank to provide a loan to a customer. The loan should stop being unsecured and become a secured one. This takes place with a mortgage or a car loan, when a property or vehicle remains in the ownership of the bank until the loan is paid in full.
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